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Natural Design

“Good design is about to get More Through Less” 
Jens Bernsen





n the philosophy of natural science, a principle emerges over and over again, the principle of simplicity.

The main idea is that if two theories are able to explain the same phenomenon, the simplest is considered the most appropriate.

However, simplicity is always opposed to the complexity, in the sense that a valid theory cannot be simply, has fewer dimensions than the phenomenon intended to explain. However, the nature achieves simplicity in a demanding way, while recognizing the complexity of its purpose, either in a single organism, or in the interaction between many species living in an habitat.

That is the principle governing their designs, that’s the way to perpetuate continuity. In the field of design a similar situation occurs. Any design inevitably carries a trace of age, culture and civilization in which it was created. However, it can also be a way to group a concept that connects all good designs, regardless of the time of its creation. This principle applies also in this environment, the simplicity, without sacrificing or compromising the function of objects. Less is more, Mies Van Der Rohe noted.


Here two worlds converge, design and nature.  As Benyus states people and all other life forms have evolved into similar points, but are simply other agencies who have lived and have adapted to their environment prior to the arrival of man, who have faced and solved the problems now befall human. In those days, life has learned to fly, living in the deep ocean and on top of the highest peaks, light up the night and use the Sun’s energy. Simply words, living beings have done everything that people are accustomed to do. What better model could there be?

 Benyus says, “When we look deeply into the eyes of nature, we realize that all our inventions have appeared in it in a more elegant way and with a much lower cost to the planet”

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