Bach Street Apartments

Bach Street Apartments

Bach Street Apartments

The finest achievement of these apartments is the perfect layout of the floor plan.

The strategic positioning of the elevators, which provide individual access to the apartments, made it possible to organize corridors off a central hall. The system for arriving in the apartments is a reinterpretation of the entrance to some of Coderch’s villas, since the vestibule is turned into a porch for vehicle access. The building stands in a very different environment to the chaos surrounding the apartment block he erected in Barceloneta. Even so, it draws on some of the features he employed in the earlier building, such as the slatted blind. He also returns to the Barceloneta block in his reinterpretation of the defensive elements of the distant past: the gallery and oriol-lookout point.


José Antonio Coderch de Sentmenat



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