Truiteria Flash-Flash

Truiteria Flash-Flash

Truiteria Flash-Flash

Correa and Milá demonstrate their innovative skill in interior décor in this emblematic building, where diners can sample all kinds of Spanish omelets (truites) today. The exterior and the photographs of the model Karin Leiz, which measure approximately 1.5m x 0.5m, are the work of Leopoldo Pomès. In the 1970s, this restaurant became a place where the intellectual and avant-garde circles of Barcelona would gather. Nowadays, it is regarded as a „classic” and an aesthetic and cultural benchmark. A low entrance leads into premises, revealing a large space that links the first floor, where the bar, sofas and kitchens are located, with the restaurant tables on the second floor. The formal possibilities of the structure are turned into a metaphor and support for its graphic depiction. The construction of this interior space, together with the sense of privacy created by the carefully-designed lighting, immerses the client in an atmosphere in which the representation of arboreal structures create an unusual „garden” in the heart of the city.


Federico Correa / Alfonso Milá



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